James Tang

Month: February, 2009


TED is too good.

Buy a Japanese toilet ASAP. ($600)

A nicer bed when I get the chance. Sleep is just too important (http://www.supermemo.com/articles/sleep.htm)


I still want the Kobe Beef (Wolfgang Puck in LA). Truffles never sounded that good and my palette is too immature for wine.

Also El Bulli (number one restaurant in the world for 3 years) ~$500 per person



Interesting Posts

Story of Joshua Bell, a world-class violinist, performing in a subway in Washington. Makes me want to listen to Chaconne.


Germany owns Trader Joes? Anyone that can beat Wal-Mart at pricing is incredible.


This is probably relevant to us UCB students right now


To Read:

Super Memory


Hiring Strategies by the Master (Gladwell)




Look into this:

Micro-Expression Training


I get a lot of my links from my reader which include Tim Ferriss’s Twitter, Tucker Max’s del.icio.us account, and Scott Adams’ blog. xkcd often sends me down some interesting rabbit holes as well.


“Am I going to regret not doing this later?”

This is the question I ask whenever I have a choice and the side I’m leaning towards is opting to not do it (getting out of bed, going to the gym, eating healthy, etc…). It’s probably what all the outliers with 10,000 hours do instinctively. Warren Buffet probably reached that number before he was 21.

I’m reading Authentic Happiness by Martin Seligman, the best thing I’ve learned is that after the first bite, ice cream’s value decreases drastically. It’s something you know, but seeing data and psychological experiments to support it make it somehow concrete in my mind. I believe the same applies to hard work, but in reverse. It sucks at the start, but then it just becomes normal.

Another interesting fact from the book is that happiness is not affected permanently by anything external (outside of the obvious baseline of money). Seligman goes on to list how cancer patients, people with limbs removed, and otherwise unhealthy people adjust and end up just as happy as they were before their condition. Lasting happiness comes from helping others.

Almost nothing has been invented yet

Wow, what a refreshing mentality.

Woody Norris is absolutely amazing. I just saw his talk on TED and I love it.


I am currently taking an audio signal processing course and am working with Tony to figure out what our final project should be. Proposals are due in about a week, but this really opened my eyes to what can be accomplished. This technology has the potential to become so incredibly disruptive.

What being a graduating senior means to me

For the first time in a long time, I’ve found a project that I really want to devote myself to. So many ideas have passed me by in my 4 years here, but I never felt like I could act on them since I had to deal with school, internships, and side-projects. Being a senior with all my graduating requirements done means I have the freedom to finally pursue them at my leisure. Being a TA also means I have the cash support to sustain myself with buying any equipment I might need or as seed money. These ideas are not new, and even though I think they are original, most of these things came to me from my friends and colleagues.

* Create an ultrasound emitter and receiver using MATLAB
Essentially allows one to map out a room using an impulse and seeing the response. This is the first real thing I wanted to use my DSP to create.

Other things I want to accomplish:

* Update my image
My body is notoriously hard to shop for. Many nice coats and jackets simply do not fit my frame. Now that I have the capital, it is worth investing in nice tailored pieces. Also, I need new glasses. Main inspiration from http://www.kinowear.com/blog/

* Update this blog

I’m beginning to realize how powerful it would be to keep a catalog of all my past ideas. Since they were ideas created by me, they make more sense than any other ideas on blogs I read. Progress is always great to see.