New Resolutions

by James

– Write down all dreams. Hopefully lucid dreaming won’t be too far away.

– No TV alone. Watching with others is fine because then it’s a social bonding activity. Read books, write blogs, or work otherwise when tempted.

– Default to “yes” when it comes to activities or opportunities. Thankfully, I’m in a position where money is (relatively) not an issue, nor is time. I even have the friends and the organizations. No excuses, get out Jimmy.

– Actually stick to the workout schedule.

Monday: Ultimate

Tuesday: Weights

Wednesday: BJJ

Thursday: BJJ

Friday: Weights

Saturday: Crossfit

Sub any missed days with 15-14-13-..-3-2-1 sets of burpees (120 total) for time or 7-5-3-1 sets of 3x pull-ups 3x ring-dip 3x ab-slide for time. I’m allowed one free miss a week.